Nathan Hutsenpiller

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida by a very loving single Mother. My interests as a kid revolved around being out side like any other kid pre internet and skateboarding. I found skateboarding at 10 years old fell in love instantly. Through skateboarding I picked up a camera. My friends and I were always filming each other skate so we could go inside and watch the tapes back to see how we’d progressed. It never really struck me that I enjoyed being behind the camera because I had my own dreams of being a pro skateboarder. At 19 years old I decided to move to New York City with a few friends from High School. This was the start of my journey of “self discovery”. I spent most of my 20’s not taking photos, I didn’t even know that I liked it. What changed things for me was when a friend of mine gifted me a Canon AE-1 for my 27th birthday. I quickly started going through rolls of film as I had found a new thing to obsess over. I hadn’t been skateboarding as much by that point although my love was still there. Having a camera sparked my interest and I started to dive right back in. At the time I was working for a skateshop in Williamsburg Brooklyn called KCDC Skateshop. KCDC gave me an outlet to experiment with my photography and learn how to use my camera. Over the past few years I have upgraded my equipment and my eye. I feel strongly that I am capable of capturing timeless moments for any occasion let it be an event, sports, weddings, portraits and more. I am based in Queens, NY and would love to work with you! Feel free to send me an email or contact me via social media!